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Turn your mobile device into a high-quality Barcode Reader. Integrate the ready-to-use Barcode Scanner SDK for your Android & iOS Apps in under one day.

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Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK


Fast Integration of the Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate our ready-to-use barcode scanner software for mobile apps in just one day and save money on purchasing expensive hardware.

The Barcode Scanner API works completely offline, exclusively on the device. This significantly reduces latency and increases data security. The recognition of all typical 1D barcode types & 2D barcode types is very fast and reliable. Simple, intuitive use allows your employees or customers to reliably scan barcodes in seconds, which can be used for smooth further processing.

The Barcode Scan SDK is available natively & cross-platform for all common platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, .NET MAUI, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, Capacitor and Cordova).


Recognition. Precision. Speed.

The Docutain Barcode Reader Software recognizes all 1D barcodes, data matrix codes and QR codes.

The recognition works with the highest reliability even under difficult conditions such as low light conditions with shadows, tiny barcodes, ripped barcode, blurred barcodes or from an unfavorable, oblique angle. When using smartphones whose cameras have a low resolution, the barcode scanner API works with significantly better performance compared to open source solutions.

This makes the Docutain Barcode Scanning SDK the first choice for integration into apps across all industries.

Multi-scanning with Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK allows you to scan multiple barcodes at once. Capturing all data from multiple barcodes with just one scan helps you sustainably increase processing efficiency.

Batch-scanning of Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK allows you to scan multiple barcodes directly one after another, without interruption.

Filter Barcodes
With the Docutain Barcode Reader Software you can filter the types of barcodes that should be recognized during a scan. This selective barcode scanning is useful when scanning documents or packages where several barcodes are available, but only one specific type is needed. This reduce errors in the scanning process.

Feature Highlights

Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK delivers highest recognition rate


Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK recognizes codes in high-speed


Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK works even in low light condition

Works in
low light condition

Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK recognizes even blurry barcodes

of blurry barcodes

Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK recognizes 1D barcode formats & 2D barcode formats

All common
1D codes & 2D codes

Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK contains Multi-Scanning


Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK contains Batch-Scanning


Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK contains a filter for barcodes

Filter Barcodes

Try the Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK for free now

Just download our Android Showcase app with a sample integration of the Barcode Scanning Software (iOS is coming soon).

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Provider Highlights

Quick Integration Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK

in less than 1 day

Highest data security Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK

data security

Professional support Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK


Fair price Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK

Fair price with
highest quality


Reliability. Support. Security.

Our goal is to make the integration of the Barcode Scanner API as fast as possible for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We support you with a simple Barcode Scanner API that enables use with just a few lines of code, mature documentation and professional support.
We are aware of how important data protection is for companies. Therefore, Docutain Barcode Scanning SDK works locally on the device and 100% offline. At no time is data transferred to servers or third parties. Our offline solution - in contrast to server-side providers - also ensures fail-safety.
We attach great importance to a transparent and fair pricing model to give you as a company maximum planning security when integrating our Barcode Scanner Library.
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Docutains Barcode Scanner SDK is relevant across all industries

Barcode Scanner SDK for Logistics & Manufacturing Logistics & Manufacturing
Barcode Scanner SDK for Post & Parcel Post & Parcel
Barcode Scanner SDK for Retail Retail
Barcode Scanner SDK for Healthcare Healthcare
Barcode Scanner SDK for Air Travel Air Travel
Barcode Scanner SDK for Others Others

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Barcode Scanner SDK?

The integration of a Barcode Scanner SDK in mobile devices enables users or clients to scan Barcodes with their smartphones. A Barcode SDK can therefore be seen as ready-to-use package consisting if APIs, Documentation, Code examples and Code libraries.

Why choose Docutain Barcode Scanner SDK?

The Docutain Barcode Scan SDK is a highly reliable, easy to use Software Development Kit, that can be integrated within hours. Its Barcode reading technology delivers accurate results within seconds for common 1D & 2D barcode types and is available for native platforms and cross-platform.

How can I test the Docutain Barcode SDK?

You can either download the Android Showcase App or you can receive a Trial License to integrate the Barcode SDK in your apps for testing purposes.

Your contact to Docutain

Please tell our colleague Harry Beck how the Docutain SDK can help you with your project. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry, either by telephone or contact form.

Available on following platforms

Barcode Data Capture SDK Windows Platform Windows Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK .NET MAUI Platform .NET MAUI Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK Xamarin xamarin Platform Xamarin Barcode Scanner SDK
React Barcode Scanner SDK Platform React Native Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK Flutter Platform Flutter Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK Capacitor Platform Capacitor Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK Ionic Platform Ionic Barcode Scanner SDK
Barcode Scanner SDK Cordova Platform Cordova Barcode Scanner SDK